How to pick the best Apple watch band for swimming?

Since the introduction of the very first Apple watch in 2015, it has become a vital accessory of our everyday look. Apple watch has lots of health condition tracking features and the best thing is that this smart watch is waterproof which makes it a great gadget to include when you go swimming.

BUT, have you ever wandered whether your Apple watch band is waterproof?

Or, whether your band will get damaged when contacted with water?

Or, whether your watch band is comfortable to wear when swimming?

Or, whether the watch band will detach and possibly damage your Apple watch?

Don't worry, we give you a complete guide on choosing the best Apple watch band for swimming considering all these safety and durability concerns. Luckily for you, we have conducted an extensive analysis on the Apple watch bands in the market up to October, 2020 to pick the best Apple watch band for swimming. We are looking at three main parameters in our analysis: contact with water, durability and comfortable fit. So, let's dig into to each of these parameters pick the winner.

Contact with water

  • Effects of contact with water depend on the material of the watch bands.
  • Apple watch bands made with Silicone are waterproof, and it is the safest material to submerge under water for a longer period of time with no damage. So, they are the best choice for swimming.
  • Nylon Apple watch bands are water-resistant, so that they are able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely. Hence, Apple watch bands made with nylon are fine for swimming, but not the best option.
  • Leather Apple watch bands are not water-resistant and contacting with water for a longer period of time can damage your leather bands.


  • Silicone Apple watch bands have been in the market for a really long time, and they have proven to be durable under extreme pressure and stress. 
  • There are two kinds of Silicone Apple watch bands now: pin & tuck model and the seamless elastic loop (called "solo loop" which was introduced in 2020 with the newest Apple watch series 6 and Apple watch SE). Since the solo loop is quite new, it is too early to comment on their durability. However, solo loops are extremely stretchable and this can cause the band to loosen a little bit with time.
  • Since the Nylon Apple watch bands are only water-resistant, when submerged in water for a longer period of time, they can unravel and damage the watch bands.

Comfortable fit

  • When it comes to comfortable fit, the solo loop Silicone Apple watch is a clear winner as it fits you perfectly and hugs your wrist securely. However, we cannot complain the good old pin & tuck Silicone bands.
  • Nylon sport loop and the leather loop are definitely comfortable. Nylon sport loop has velcro fastening to ensure a perfect fit. Leather loop has magnetic fastening tightened through a loop, so it finishes your look with a secured fit.

So, this is our little experimental analysis on finding the best Apple watch band for swimming. Here are our winners. Check them out and pick your winning band to take with you for swimming the next time.

Until next time!

Lots of love,

BugBands Australia 🐞

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